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About  Zest Vintage

Welcome to Zest Vintage - my little shop of color!

When I was a little girl growing up in California, my father had a bright orange truck with big round fenders. I loved that truck...I would go to the dump with him and while he pushed lawn clippings out the back I brought discarded books and Highlight magazines into the cab. Our mid century house was decorated with lime green velvet chairs and flowered upholstery...and the sun was always shining. When I got older I dyed my clothes purple and made my way with a group of fun drama kids and explored my love of costume. It was only natural that I would fill my world with color....and the colors of mid century California - juicy orange, yellow and green are what I reach for first.

After 20 years of experience as a clothing and textile designer, it was time for a change... It was time to slow down. And I found that everything I'd done sewing, drama and design had led me to this one place..this shop. I love rescuing these clothes and giving them new life with a new owner. And I love getting you some really cool new threads....

Enjoy shopping and dress colorfully - it will make you feel good!!
Drop me a line if you have a question...


Cheri King


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